About Us


Our Experience

80% of our analysts have a bachelors degree in Accounting and Business Administration. Our experience hails from supporting over 200 small businesses in the last 5 years (95% Lounges, Restaurants, and Hotels), and equipping them with the relevant tools needed to grow and build a sustainable business.


Our Approach

Collating and making available relevant data for decision making purposes, that is our mission. Using cloud based Point of Sale and Accounting systems, we create a synergy between these tools and existing internal control systems, to enhance productivity and efficiency within the organization. Our customer service and support systems are second to none, giving us the opportunity to grow with our clients. These clients include self employed individuals, small and medium sized businesses.


Why Us?

Nobody understands your problems like we do at T&H. We know the hospitality business, from recipes, to inventory we got you covered. We understand that change takes time and patience, that's why our implementation consultants are trained to guide you and make the process as seamless as possible.


Do you manage a restaurant, bar, or hotel? Take time to review our service offerings and determine which one suits you. For customized plans, please give us a call. Thank you.