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Kitchen Order Ticket/Display App

Kitchen Order Ticket/Display App


Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile Phone, turn one or more of your devices to a sales register. Gives you the flexibility of using your current device(s) without incurring additional cost for devices. Waiters can receive dine-in and online orders on their devices and respond accordingly. In addition, waiters can work with or without the internet, admin can view open tables remotely.     


Kitchen Order Ticket/Display App

Kitchen Order Ticket/Display App

Kitchen Order Ticket/Display App



Kitchen Order Ticket is generated at the very second you confirm order from POS which saves you a lot of running around time . 

If you do not wish to link a Thermal Printer in the kitchen you get an option of putting up a Kitchen Order Display (KOD) screen which will show exact details of the order and prevent errors. 

In case there's a time where you cancel a certain order a new cancelled KOT will be generated and also be displayed as cancelled on KOD. 

Sales & Inventory Monitoring App

Kitchen Order Ticket/Display App

Sales & Inventory Monitoring App


Here are some of the offered features: 

  • Sales Summary 
  • Top selling by day
  • Total invoice amount 
  • Total orders taken 
  • Received amount by payment method 
  • Open tables
  • Low Stock alert  

You can get real time reports on the dashboard and on the ERP Admin application on your phone, all you need to do is log in. With mobile application to handle such crucial statistics you are always on the go and updated. 

Self Order App

Table Ordering App

Sales & Inventory Monitoring App



Self-order App for Takeaway and Home delivery orders.

A unique feature of customer signature on device for home delivery, app records the signature, location and photograph so there's no mishap or excuses of imperfection.  

Self-order is available on both IOS and Android. 

Table Ordering App

Table Ordering App

Table Ordering App


Self-order application for Dine-in customers, they can order right from the table without having to call for anyone. This comes at no extra cost, our focus is to give our customers a complete experience. Customers can also use their mobile device to place orders within the restaurant, gain access to the menu and sending orders to management for approval.

Online Ordering

Table Ordering App

Table Ordering App



Assign your personal domain in the POS to direct your online orders in the system.

If you do not have a domain you can still receive online orders with our cloud link (for eg restaurantXYZ.dhru.cloud )

when any changes are made in the menu , it automatically syncs data with third party services and your online ordering portal.

contact emelda on (+234) 806-384-2982 for a quote. thank you

Full Accounting and Stock/Recipe Management

We offer an integrated Accounting and Inventory Management system,developed with your business challenges in our minds. Automatic text reminders to customers that have a debit balance, ability to track raw materials used in making food items, and many more.. Generate your Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cost of Goods Sold, with the click of one button. Over 20 accounting reports you can choose from.

Customer Relationship Management/Text and Email Marketing

Create, maintain and access your customer profile in the integrated CRM system across all your restaurants. Make them fell privileged and they'll keep coming back.

We provide you with your very own loyalty program where you make the rules and our software does the work at POS. All you have to do is give customers a royal experience. 

Our software has all the tools you need to promote your business right from your screen; generate coupon codes, special offers & greetings on birthdays and anniversaries, special parties and occasions hosted at the restaurant or any of your custom required offers and never worry about tracking offers with a click of a button all the promotional offers will appear on your screen. 


We understand not everyone is willing to give feedback right after visiting your restaurant so we give a unique "SMS with feedback link service" that gives customers liberty to give their feedback whenever they want. 

T&H Wallets

Customers can save with you and earn discounts.When cash payments are made and there is change to collect, a customer can opt to save the amount in a virtual wallet. The customer will receive a notification when money is added or taken from their virtual wallet.

Takeaway/Delivery Management

Do you make deliveries to your customers? Awesome, because now you don't need a third party application. Drivers/riders can be monitored via GPS, and customers can sign for products/items delivered. All this can be managed via a smart phone.

Hotel Management

Now you can combine your Food & Beverage with your Hotel, using one account. Hotel guests can have grills at the bar, and have their bill charged to their rooms. This bill will be generated with room charges upon checkout.

Multiple Location Management

All your locations can be managed under one Profit and Loss account. Reports can be generated individually for each location, inventory moved across multiple locations, and income statements generated for individual locations.